Executive Management Consultants

 Exerim’s consultants all have proven experience from senior management positions. They have the ability to quickly gain an understanding of specific situations and can take on various business development, restructuring and rationalization projects as well as interim management assignments at senior levels of management. 

The consultants are carefully selected for the individual projects. Characteristic for our consultants is that they are analytical and creative with experience dealing with strategic issues. They are good leaders who can create commitment, develop the human resources and simplify organizations towards increased efficiency as well as with high ethics have the ability to negotiate with various parties and stakeholders.

Exerim have consultants with this profile. Welcome to challenge us!

Our diversity of experience sweeping through industries such as engineering, automotive, pulp and paper, telecommunications, media, electronics, food, packaging, waste / environment,  service and where they have acted as such as:

  • Board Member and Chairman
  • President and CEO
  • CFO / Financial Director
  • BU / Division Manager
  • Site/Mill Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Business Owner
  • Sales / Marketing Director
  • Market Developers
  • Production Manager / Director
  • Technical Manager / R&D Manager
  • Environmental Manager
Executive Management Consultants